Certified Organic.
Responsibly Sourced.
Expertly Distilled.

When a drink is more than just a drink.

Many people think nothing of the drink in their hand, but not you. To you, a drink means something. It's making memories with your tribe, or toasting new achievements. It's a celebration of a milestone or a memento of a place and time that can never be relived. To you, a drink can capture a transcendent experience or become a personal statement.

It is for you that we introduce Aldez Tequila - a certified organic, handmade, superior quality craft label for those who prefer to stand out, stand for something, and experience the finest that life has to offer.

Finally, a tequila for the leaders and independent thinkers. A tequila that, like you, is unique to the last drop.

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    Certified Organic

    Certified Organic

    Every sip of Aldez Tequila is pure, clean and unmanipulated - meeting the exacting standards to be certified 100% organic. Aldez tequila takes pride in being certified both by the USDA and Bioagricert (in the EU).



    Aldez Tequila's unique bottles and labels are made of recycled glass and paper. Every step of the way, we're minimizing our carbon footprint to ensure that we can always raise a glass & drink to a healthy environment.



    Aldez Tequila is a premium, small batch production that is meticulously hand-crafted by a team dedicated to excellence from the seed to the seal. For us, it's always quality over quantity.

    Responsible Mindset

    Responsible Mindset

    Aldez is dedicated to a greater mission of promoting a sustainable & responsible approach to living - from caring for our environment to caring for ourselves.

    Our Story

    Born to embody authenticity and quality, Aldez Organic Tequila is a responsibly sourced, artisanal brand made of 100% Blue Agaves that are hand-selected from the organic fields of a single estate in the Lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Being Certified Organic means Aldez Tequila is pure, untouched and unmanipulated - the way tequila is intended. You won’t find any glycerin, artificial flavoring or coloring in the liquid. In addition, Aldez Tequila prides itself in being eco-friendly. By using recycled glass, labels and corks, Aldez strives to minimize their impact on the environment.

    Manuel and Jen Aczualdez, the founders of Aldez Tequila, wanted to create a tequila that was more than just a great-tasting liquid but also thoughtfully produced from soil to seal. This meant every aspect of production mattered to them. It took nearly 3 years to go from concept to shelf, due in large part to the research needed to partner with producers that shared their same values. Finally, their dreams became a reality when Aldez Tequila launched in 2018.

    Their commitment to the brand is to cultivate and educate the world about what it means to be a high-quality tequila and to enjoy the difference. Aldez is more than a beautiful product - every facet of the bottle tells the story of Mexico, tequila and its roots in art, culture, and the human spirit. For Manuel and Jen, the story of their brand is in every drink. Aldez is true to who they are and their passion for excellence.

    Aldez Tequila is real, and so are the people that drink it.







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    Aldez Tequila is available in three distinct varieties so that you can select the perfect match between your unique flavor and ours.